PAId BY KYLE BECKER, Non-Partisan Candidate for Apopka Commissioner Seat 4

Team Becker Volunteers

  • Canvasing, join me on the campaign trail and visit with our residents at their doors, the best way to inform them of my accomplishments, and understanding the current issues they care about.
  • Sign Waving, need those with strong arms and a smiling face to connect with Apopka voters as they commute around town!
  • Other opportunities as well; I appreciate any time and talent that you are able to provide.

Why Your Support is Valuable

  • Campaign Material, allows me to create material to hand out at resident doors and events to remind voters about all of the great things I have accomplished during my first term!
  • Campaign Advertising and Communication, allows me to reach as many Apopka voters as possible, we have roughly 30,000 registered voters in Apopka, and each one counts!
  • Campaign Signs, what fun would it be waving at an intersection if you didn't have a Becker sign to wave?!
  • Every penny of your support goes to ensure I can do all necessary to keep serving in Seat 4, and continue fighting for you!